Monday, October 11, 2010

bila orang cari gado, kita jelaskan.

typing error my girl: not having a boyfriend.
let's make it clear here, i don't like people messing around with my life :)

here my explanation. I am praying sayang, i am. very hard, and very often.
just so you know, when i pray, i cry. 
p/s: kinda show of here.
but the point is, i am praying and doing the best way to stay near to ALLAH. 
seems that things felt better (alhamdullilah)
but we are normal human being.
we have feelings. and often un predictable.
people break down. DO YOU. it's a must in every person life,
not on boyfriend issue, maybe in life, friends, anything.

put aside all my memories?
memories that make me what i am today,
with memories i can still talk to people and smile,
with memories i can still have feelings to fall in love with others,
with memories i can share laughter and smile with the person from my past.
memories what makes life go around, and without memories we all are zombies that came into earth to be nothing.
it is not useless to remind it back. NO. who said? YOU? maybe for you.
but for me, it's normal. 
reminding things that hurt us from the past is the only thing that make me make another step in my life.
try put yourself in my shoe and then i give you permission to judge about my life.
you felt pity of me huh?
owh thanks. :) most pleasure of you.
but really, no need so to be pity,
your the one who should be pity of yourself,
to watch other hurts and to boo at it.

nahhh,don't waste your time my little lady.
i am not weak,
if you know me,
i'm stronger than you thought. you just read my blog, but your not living in it.
look into a mirror sayang,
your a human to, life harsh on you? no? good, keep it up in your good life,
but i don't have a life like you.
i have a harsh one to face through,
if you like to, we can change place one day. but reality you know you can't
so don't ever judge on me base on what you read, be my friend, best friend. you will know what i'm facing through in life.
and you must know, not every one have the experience to have a great life.
and one of them is me.

and this blog that i proudly make, is for me to say
 whatever i want, and whenever i want.
hope you can respect my space.
and thanks for the advise, i will do whatever it takes to change to be a better person :)

with love, ME. :) thanks for the comment.