Monday, October 11, 2010

a conversation

today, I've skip math tutorial class with some of my mates.
not because I'm lazy. NO =.="
but for the registration classes for next semester :)
and it move very smoothly !
thanks to cik mal, cik sue haniey dan encik harith.
korang terbaik!

we all do some serious, I MEAN SERIOUS DISCUSSION each other,
make a strategic planning for our classes next semester.
to make sure more or less all our classes are together.
and guess it well kinda smooth with a bit rough at the edge.

about zee conversation :

we have this round table lunch together. with poor LAN to. kesian die. dmm :(
and we talk about couple. HOT TOPICS. haha, harith gossip jugakkk.
and all of us share our love experience. including me.
and guess what people,
the only face that came through my mind is him. you know what i mean. HIM =.="
hard to admit, imy. i miss us. 

watching other happiness it hurts, because deep in me i know that I've lost mine a long time ago.
(nurfatin nadiah, 2010)

till then readers , xoxo.

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