Wednesday, May 5, 2010

people call me yuna.

every time i enter class they call me cikgu yuna,
even this few group of student sing for me yuna song,
haha LOL. is it tue?
f.y.i : i don't have any relationship blood with yuna.
i suck at singing, and i try to learn how to play guitar :)
that is the only thing in comman now.
teaching was fun and at the same time is hilarious.
kids, i will miss you as my student one day :)


sis ainur
akk, thanks for being my sister and always there for me,
promise one day we will meet.
p/s: my beautiful angel

epul gemukkkkkk :)
i never meet him to but i know his a kind, lovable, and a great laughter maker
his my clown :) and we both love to sarcasm each other in a funny way.
p/s: my buncit

tina lemau
i can't imagine my life without her,
she are just like my own sister and we have been best friends since standard one.
we shared tears, laughter, madness, craziness, pain, everything
p/s: my lemau

girls, you are my life.
and i can't imagine my life without you.
every moment that we spend is so wonderful and i just can't let it go. never will
thanks for being my bestfriend
p/s: my rabbit

sya & syed
it's hard to separate blog for you guys because I love you two the same.
oh, you guys are like my hurricane. HAHA.
you two complete my life. i miss you guys so much :)
p/s: my rainbow

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