Thursday, May 6, 2010


oh budak gemuk :D
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once you let a girl go, she won't come back,
once you let a girl cry, she will cry again,
once you let a girl laugh, she will remember forever,
once you let a girl mad, she will forgive you,
once you make a girl miserable, she will never make yours back,
once you hit a girl hard, she will never hit you back.

let the girl cry,
let the girl die,
let the girl miserable,
you don't care.
but one think she know,
at the end of her life,
she have a great faith inside her to change and be a better person,
she being a strong girl to face through hardship of life,
and whatever life given to her,
she except it with full of bravery,
she knows that she will fall down,
but she also know that she will stand back with a great and stronger heart.

p/s: :)

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