Tuesday, May 4, 2010

let it be :)

schools fine today, but my legs killing me. stupid hills!

when i look at you by miley cyrus.

and i'm going to make sure i watch the last song movie and i don't care if i need to watch it alone!

this song i wish to dedicate specially to sis ainur :)

everybody needs inspiration,
everybody needs a song,
a beautiful melody when the night's so long,
cause there is no guarantee that this life is easy.

yeah, when my world is falling apart,
when there's no light to break up the dark,
that's when I, I, look at you.

when the waves are flooding the shore,
and i can't find my way home anymore,
that's when I, I, look at you.

when I look at you, I see forgiveness, I see the truth,
you love me for who I am like the stars hold the moon,
right there where they belong,
and I know i'm not alone.

you appear just like a dream to me,
just like kaleidoscope colors that prove to me,
all i need, every breath that i breathe,
don't you know, you're beautiful

you appear just like a dream to me.

dear sis, this blog i really want to post it for you,i know that words can’t describe how nice and precious you are to me,and all i know, i can’t live without you,and i’m so happy to be your little sis to,i thought when he go, i lost everything, but totally i was wrong.
i still have you,you always said that to me every time i was down and heart broken,even you are busy with life,you eventually spend a bit time for me,i guess we have the same problem in life,so that’s why you are so understanding.akk, i do love you and i really want this bond of sisterhood last forever,i guess i’m the eldest make me want more attention from others,and there you are always being there for me,a thousand thank you will never be enough to represent how you bring such a impact to mylife,you really believe in me, give me strength,and always say that never be so sad because of hard life,because you will be always there for me.i never meet you yet,but knowing you from a long distance show that you are so nice and lovable to everyone,enough what I’ve been through,and i don’t want to lose you.

p/s: thank you for being my sister :)

p/s: how hard life is it for me, it will eventually be harder in future.
and between you and me, i know it's over but you use to be a dream to me,
and letting go such a beautiful dream for me is hard,
and every night before i sleep,
i always wish for a better dream for tomorrow,
because I'm just a normal girl who have my own dreams to fall in love again.
and now, i'm in love with a lot of person in my life,
my family. my friends, and everyone that makes me happy. :)

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