Thursday, May 6, 2010

a moment with a friend

photography day :)

and you guess, I'm in a school photo as a TEACHER :)
hahaha, i can't stop laughing thinking of it.
and I'm the tallest teacher * thanks to the hills
i swear it was so hilarious and my student was like * cikgu yuna amek gamba
i felt a bit awkward but it was fun and a great experience being one of the teacher in sekolah taman johor jaya 3 :)

wish someone upload the real picture and the candid to :)

i guess the probability of this school to get on fire is high,
haha, every week since i get into this school have this fire drill practice :D
but today is the finale for this fire drill training,
and the fireman for the demonstration how to use the fire extinguisher.


we meet again dear friend,
muadz gedik :)
hahaha, that's what i kept calling you since we meet.
i felt so happy actually yesterday, sorry for the bullied part and everythhing,
p.s: for you
sorry sebab fatin cubit muadz
sorry sebab fatin tendang muadz
sorry sebab fatin pukul muadz kat belakang
sorry sebab tolak muadz kat eskelator
sorry sebab gaul ice cream kat speggeti muadz
sorry sebab brek kereta tibe-tibe
sorry sebab membebel kat muadz
sorry sebab suruh muadz suap fatin
*no physical contact

sorry a million sorry to say :(
i do all of that to you because i miss someone so much,
i guess I'm going to spend all that moment with him,
but i think, sometimes what we dream will never came true,
so fatin lepas gian tu sume kat muadz,
he said it's ok and he understand me well :)
next time kita main bowling okie dokie?

so first when we arrive at jusco after i pick him up,
i just say: MUADZ, LAPAR NI :( * with pity face
he say: cari topup dulu.
me: grrrrrrrr
he went to this celcom shop and ask for MAXIS topup. tak make sense langsung.
i kept laughing at him and we when downstairs to buy his topup.
then straight back to the top floor and food hunting begin!
around and round we go and we end up at pizza hut :)

his ice-cream :)

my pizza and his speggeti

makan la gedik, amek gamba je tau.
he just can't stop taking picture with his new handphone. grrrrr,
fine! i will buy new phone after i get my salary ok

at the end, we finish all the food and muadz start mixing stuff to his ice cream. haha

then we have a walk around there and lastly end up at harris
searching for 'the last song' novel.
and guess what?
for the second time i went there, still no more stock :(
i left my name and hp num, and they will eventually give me a call when the stock come.
i drive muadz home and then i went back to grandma house.
the drifting moment in the car is fun,
we sang song together . p/s: he just know the chorus part.
and at the end he say thank you for everything.

p/s: kite jumpa lagi ye. that time, muadz yang kene belanja.

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