Wednesday, April 7, 2010

:) updated

listed stuff that i wish to write but i have no time :)

person : kak ainur, syed, epul, dyra

i kept thinking of you people every time i open my eyes :)

big apple, hungry, mcd spicy chicken! , milk , food 

can't stop thinking of food and need more everyday, i guess now i have a bigger appetite

FINISHING THE EXAMINATION. the paper killing me! grrr

three paper left :)

empty heart and no spaces

my place here are like a total mess and i don't care, my heart is empty cause I'm still heartless.


cs, parents, citra mama :) , makkk :( , DYRA! , my own bedroom , friends
i just wish i was back in johor bahru :(


preetyyyyy pleaseeeeee :(


p/s: ily,imy,iny,iwy,ihy,ifmy,irwy, and whatsoever about you. hate being like this. and it's all because of you.
dedicated a moment for you : I WISH TO TURN BACK IN TIME AT THE MOMENT WE AT THE CONCERT, and it was me singing for you that time. all of our memories just can't go. but just me , my self and i taking those pieces of memories to be kept deep inside my heart alone. wishing everything just like before you left me heartless.tq for the teaching me a pieces of life.

p/s: upside down 
one week left fatin. stay strong. life are still far way ahead of us :)
i love you people. the people who makes my life better everyday. TQ :)

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