Sunday, April 18, 2010

absolutely freaking new

sorry blog readers for the late update,
regarding that my home internet are HELL. I'm changing to cut the line and use broadband. So sorry for the late news. Everybody ask bout where are my lost?
don't worry, I'm not running or gone missing .
It's just that I'm to busy with life now

First : JOB!
I'm going to be a mathematics substitute teacher and going to teach form 4 and form 5. LIKE FREAKISHLY SCARED! it's new for me. But it's a good way of time to spend.
The salary it's not that bad. I guess working in a office hour will really thought me a great experience.

Second : FAMILY!
parents, we spend a lot of time together. I even went to jog with my mom every Saturday and plan was loosing about 10 kg and fit into haiqal wedding flower girl dress and maybe my own prom dress. Send my little brats to class.

Singapore was the bomb! 
Meeting you cousins make me so in love of Singapore. But sorry guys, i can't stay there. I got job to attend. Promise my first salary will be for you. haha. JOKING! 

hehe, don't worry, I've got my green card to drive the cars and every weekends i will come visits you guys.
thanks for the great welcoming party.
hakimi, thanks for the dozen of roses.
haiqal and kak lana, thanks for the dress
mike, thanks for the big huge chocolate. I just can't stop eating it :)


gesss! i miss you guys more than i thought, kmns babes. i swear like i miss you so much. The moment, everything. I just wish that we can meet again. Rinduuuuuuu :(

dyra, i miss you. please be strong oke sayang :( I'm so worried of you

Four : KAK AINUR:)

I will write about you more akk, i promise. 
hey guys, meet my twin sister, she was the one who gave me strength to stand up.
she always there for me. 
we will meet. i promise
and i will post a blog for her. that is my promise.
good luck in your study. looking forward to see the word DOCTOR in front of your name in future

so for me, I'm OK now, i know some of you still wondering how am i.
My illness are getting better after i take a serious medication. Doctor said i will be normal in few month. 
feelings? haaa, I'm still getting over it. Try to cope with new life. try to understand what's life giving me.
try to appreciate what's life thought me.

goals to achieve : 

try to fit into a dress that dyra buy for me
look great in flower girl red dress. It has pink roses to :)
being a great mathematics teacher. i wish me and the student will be just like friends.
make a great bond with mama & ayah
looking forward to meet kak ainur
spend times with friends
syed , sya, dyra, tina, saida, azan, epul
and more :)
make my own space to be comfortable with the environment.

p/s: a lot things to face now. and i know i can do it :)

attn: will be not updated between this few weeks. so sorry.:( 

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