Friday, April 2, 2010

friendship day :)

sorry for the late post, i had a very tight schedule today. BAHA. like nothing important. but seriously, today was like so tired and i haven't take any nap after i woke up this morning. so, here is my day, being a girl, just normal girl. surrounded by beautiful people and i wish to never forget them for the rest of my life :)


They were planning to have breakfast together, so we all eat 'roti canai' at our cafe d!
I'm quite missing food at cafe d. it was the best cafe that i have ever been to :) seriously!
the food. oh god! like heaven. and it's clean! that is the most important.
the cafe people was like soooo niceeeee. and i would like to gave 5 STAR! to them. cheers!

what i eat : 
roti planta, roti telur, kue teow, hot dong, bandung
p/s: and yes i know i eat a lot :) so wth, i want to have my stomach full


then it was the 'mohon restu' between our class practicum and our beloved lecturer
i almost cry when meet to some teacher. i don't know why. but i felt like they were my mother and father here.
being with them thought me about how we need to really appreciate what's life have gave.
knowing it's hard to do things in life. but we must know, nothing is impossible if we really have the strength to do and stand up for our right.

here's some picture that i have taken.
btw, thanks to aizat alias for being our representative,
oh yes, not to forget, our own bonas :)
haha. he was the guy who makes everyone laugh when he talk for us :)

meet en mohamad :)
his the best teacher(male) that i think gave us a lot of advise about life. 
i felt so interesting when i start to hear his talking.
i felt so inspired by his speech, the way he talk, the way he respond to us.
thanks for being our dinamika teacher :)
looking forward to talk to you again teacher.

the memories of us being together.
 p/s: i love you


so, late today. we were planning to go outing together and buy some food at the 'pasar malam'
and i swear i was like a wild animal been released from a cage.
and in front me i saw a lot of food and it's making me so starving.
my roommates were like

yeng: fatin, stop buying food
me: i can't
mina: NAFSU
akma: nak beli jagung?
me: NAKKKKK! haha

but at the end i just buy two things : nasi ayam and steamboat :)
but when we reach matrix, we all say our magrib prayer together.
then the FEAST are serve.
i was like :


can't believe it's me.
mina were calling me 'anak kelaparan'
but i swear I'm so hungry.
maybe because of my life changing and i try to adapt with new life of mine. 
so the conclusion now? I LOVE TO EAT SO DAMN LOT!
and no one can stop me :)

p/s : thanks for the food and time. i love you guys


guessing im missing my old time for god sake friends from happy land.
especially my dance team! which one of you is inside the dance team? i swear i totally forget.
just wish we can meet again and knowing were are you guys now.
if one of you who read this blog and suddenly we were like classmate before drop a comment.
and we can meet !
i swear i miss wearing those blue skirt. haha. so cute :)
a lot of memories i've made here.

p/s: happy land kindergarten moment

IT'S ME IN THE MIDDLE! innocent right my face
p/s: felt creepy suddenly. hahaha. 

moment : falling apart being a broken hearted girl. standing up being a strong and unbreakable girl :)

once it's gone, it will never be found. but suddenly we found things that hurt us the most and knowing that it's getting a new life. for sure we will felt that everything felt so sucks and we can't except it. but one thing that makes me strong, i'm heartless and i know, you will be one day, cause WHAT YOU GIVE, YOU WILL GET BACK. that i can assure, cause i was there before. so do believe in it. don't refuse what life gave, cause it was meant to be that way. :) learn to except it with full of heart

p/s: still learning the art of love :)
part of lyrics from the song art of love by jordan sparks and guy sebastian :)

a conversation:

me: yeng, what will you felt if one day the person you love the most that are not yours anymore have found a new person to love?
yeng: it's just nothing to be think of fatin. it's actually a thing, a feeling of lost that you suppose to be surrounded everyday but now it's gone. and you felt the lost so deep in your heart. so it's nothing, you just felt lost with it.
me: i understand.
yeng: just like your hp. you use to play with it. text with someone and you felt like you can't live without it.
suddenly it's gone!
at first you felt so regret cause it's your mistake making it lost.
and you missing it so much and all the thing inside it.
but eventually you will buy a new one :)
me: :) tq

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