Thursday, April 1, 2010

guardian angel :)

you sang me the song last night. and i notice my tears falls on my face.

GUARDIAN ANGEL! <3 by red jumpsuit apparatus.
*eventough without a guitar

never thought it will happen that night. you talk and talk and kept talking.
makes me laugh, makes me cry, make me speechless with you voice.
i just can't say anything.
i want to sing with you, but im scared.
we talk till morning and it come to an end cause your out of credit.
haaa, wish it last longer! but you have class tomorrow. so we slept :)

thanks for the song! your such a great bestfriendddddd!
p/s: i love you 

but i still wish things were back to normal cause i felt so empty inside. 
with all the friends and family that i have, i think i will be better just a matter of time.

no editing :)


ayah: long,ayah dah beli scooter
me: scooter tok adik pe
ayah: tok awak la
me: hahahaha, bia btol. warna apa? ayah nie. jgn kelentong haaa.
ayah: warne...april fool!!!!!
me: ayahhhhhhhhhhh! jga ayhhh nnti. grrrrr
ayah: kah,kah,kah, jgn mare.
me: panggggg, skali terkena daa!

p/s: scooter oh my dear scooter.


akma pown dah kemaruk? 
saida memang dah kene virus suju dah.

p/s: super junior virus getting serious!
get it away from me. I'm still number one fan for English song  :)


we all watch haunted school before magrib. but then i continue watching it after i say my hajat and isyak prayer :)
so, the story were like so dumb and stupid. haha. seriously, the only heroin in the movie actually is the ghost.
and it was soooo annoying at last. me, merlin, akma and yeng were like BLURRRR.
haha, watching horror movie with you guys was so fun :)
p/s : lets watch again later. maybe in future.

suddenly i really love my fb post :)

people said that girls is fragile. but do you know, even tough girl are so soft inside, but still they had a very hard and strong faith towards them self. and girls like me do believe happiness comes and go. and don't ever give up on life is the best recipe of living :)

p/s: i don't ever get cope with your egoistic towards life. stop the drama, it's making me sick biatch.


Messy Bee said...

i love this.
its sooooo true yunk. :)

fatinlullaby said...

tq :)