Wednesday, March 31, 2010

starting a new day :)

i woke up early today considering today have the speech from the examination administration.
and i never knew they are wearing blue. so that day is BLUE DAY! :)
nothing much happen at the dataran. some of us seat separated. so it's hard to take picture.
with full concentration were given by me :) and few notes were taken

as a record:

  1. results: 18 may starting 10 a.m
  2. results posting: 19 may  
  3. 3 ways for knowing our results
  • web:
  • sms: MOE_MAK_IC NUM
  • telephone the matriculation department for the hal ehwal akademik at 03-88844022
  • for any information can contact : En Khairon at 012 3639678
p/s: this teacher was so hilarious fyi . he makes today morning full of laughter for everyone :)

so exam starts on Monday, 5th April 2010 and ends on 14th April 2010

dedicate to all matriculation candidates:

wishing everyone luck and do your best for the final :)

p/s: i love you

epul texting moment:
 he was there with me for the whole night just to make sure im ok. but lastly he fall to sleep. tq dear :)

today morning :)

as usual , he wish me morning and ask about my condition. and i make my 2nd promise to him and he promise to be by my side whatever it takes. :) 

but one thing interest me about our conversation :

me: promise, dahhhh. ni last promise. janji. exammmmm ag penting. pape pown after exam. Fatin, you must have a strong faith in ur self. u must!
epul: ok gewd, go go power fatin!! ngeee. dh2 lupekan dy dulu. utamakan exam awk dulu k 
fatin: i want to be pink rangers :)
epul: wow2..comel2..epul warna putih k. bleh?
fatin:epul amek power rangers hitam la! baru smart!
epul: epul nak putih..lawa pe..sama kaler kete epul..hehe
fatin: eleyyy. Fine2 putih2.Epul nampak suci! hensemmmmmm.
and the text go on :)

me & him 

haha, remind me my old time for god sake!. i use to watch this kind of cartoon when i was young. i even pretend to be one. and yup, as you all guess, for sure im going to be the PINK RANGERS!
haha. for old time sake :) thank you for making me laugh today :)

p/s : unbreakable by fire flight 

yum2 :) ayam masak rendang with burgerdel :)
i don't know why but i felt like to thanks saida for always being there for me :)

2.53 p.m
just wake up from my beauty sleep :)
arghhhhhh, download completed :) takes about 1 hour plus to finish download it from email 
 we!!! thanks to dyra sayangg for the song. i love youuuu :)
8 songs that i wish to have is now mineeeee :) * excited gile fatin  hahaha.

then suddenly unexpected text came in. yup, you guess who. SWEAR i don't understand you.
p/s: drunk

start to revise mathematics. planning to finish about 3 chapter :)
then i felt to quotes searching for my self.
and lastly i found this.

p/s: peace people. :)


i have my dinner 
i have taken my bath
i have say my prayer :)
and now i continue my study.
p/s: missing kak ainur so much :(
not much thing to write cause i've been doing my work all day long.
not thinking of doing something fun

old picture of us :)

then later afternoon dyra call. omg I MISS HER BADLY:(
i miss people who always surround me with happiness.
hearing your voice that afternoon makes everything simply better.
the sarcasm we talk about the baboon. hahaha :) shhhh.
dear, thank you.

oh yes, wishing kakak epul a
semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, kesenangan hidup 
wish the best day for her.

craving for : alice in wonderland 3d!

p/s: grrrrrrr

deleting earlier post cause i felt annoying.
p/s: :,( sakit bodoh


pivo said...

fatin telah mmbuatkan sy mnjadi segan!

btw..comel sgguh power rangers 2..
yg pink 2..haa yg 2..yg 2..yg 2 laa...ngeee..

Chaiyok Fatin!!
Wake Up! Get up! Stand up!
Fight! Fight! Fight! 4 dis love..
Focus exam k bebeh!

im wishing U all da best and asbestos..hehe..
Gewd Luck!

fatinlullaby said...

hahaha :) best friends 4 ever munciiiiiiiittttt :)