Saturday, March 27, 2010

melaccaaaaaaarghhhhhh :)

mama, cepat la datanggggg!
and the worst is! HAIQAL CAN'T JOIN US!
why now, suddenly you got meeting.
uncleeeee, sengaja ekh soh haiqal keje hari nie.

haiqal: baby, sorry haiqal x dapat join u kat melacca
kak lana: sayang, jgn sdey k. u kan dah nak balik jb & singapore. promise later we have a great time :)
me: x nakkkkkk :( merajukkkkk
haiqal: im so sorry. last min. plus, your mum gerak tgh hari. i thought morning nie. firdaus sekolah an?
me: sengajaaaa!
kak lana: we love you
me: sayang fatin datang melaka. i miss you guys badly. dah la buat bbq fatin x der. how could you guys!
haiqal: nanti kte buat bbq ag k :)
me: fine wtv, malas nak gdo.
haiqal: we love you fatin
me: yeeeeee, fatin gak. grrrr, jaga korang. you guys must take a day off. i don't care, ader meeting ke x der. kak lana, ader kelas ke x der. nak jgk UNDERSTOOD!
haiqal & kak lana: ye sayangggg

actually i don't mind they are not coming cause i know they have their own life.

so at the end saida become the victim :)
she's going back to my village.yeayyyyyyy
hahaha, but actually i just want to spend times with her and my family together at the village
at the same time she can meet her beloved bf! GOROOOO
hahah:) im planning to drive to goro's place first then tina's place
if got time im going to meet azan bisyran :) weeeeee
so saida, thank you , i really really really love you cause being my best friend :)
mama, come faster please, i really want to get out of this prison.
just for two days right. :)
then back to brain washing for examination.

p/s : dedicate to sis ainur naseeha

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