Saturday, March 27, 2010

start my day will a smelly face.

i woke up at 6.30 :)
looking forward for a great  day,
but it turns up to be one of the worst.

mama: akk, kitaorg kat rumah lagi nie
me: maa! i thought u want to came early and take me back home
mama: adik got school, how?
me: nape x bgtau awal2, kan akk ley pegi class. i told ayah yesterday, kalau you guys came here early, im not planning to go to class today. haiyaaa
mama: sorry syg

then i heard mama told ayah

haiqal: dearrrrr
me: haiqallllll, rindu u, rindu u, rindu u
haiqal: petang k, im driving :) meeting you sayang
me: alaaaaa. yang lain x ikot?
haiqal: nope, grandma plan nak ajk auntie ngan uncle, tapi deyorg keje.
me: x pe2, at least u ader ley tmn i pegi mancing :) bring your guitar, nanti kite ddk sawah k :)
haiqal: manja nye cousin i sorg nie
me: nak manja ngan sapa ag. wei2, x bwk gf u? bwk laaaaa. i rindu kak lana.
haiqal: dear, she's got class today. i lepas subuh tros gerak from singapore. lepas hantar die. she brought you something.
me: apeeeeee!!!
haiqal: jumpe i bg k!!
me: jap ag i call kak lana :) haiqal, i lapar, i lom mandi, i nak exam.
haiqal: alaaaa, cian nye. baccccccccin, pegi mandieeee! later kite mkn mcd k . my times all for you. haaa, jgn lupe story k pasal tuuu. u dah jnji :)
me: okie dokie rokie pokie :)
haiqal: love you dear, i miss you
me: me toooooooo. your the best cuzy i have :( rinduuuuu. mama mana?? cakap ngan die i nak my old barney back. soh die bwk nanti
haiqal: ok.

conclusion : im going back to melacca in the evening :(

omgggg, i miss him badly. last time i spend time with him, last year when he was in college. and now his working as a junior executive at his father company. btw, his getting married soon with kak lana:)


this is yesterday story, just take the picture from su :)

i told to you that yesterday will be the purple color theme.
so, we all wearing purple except kayla.
cause her classmate was planning to wear green :)
so it's oke.
everyone was all ready at 7.30 and we all have our breakfast together.
:) sayang, hope this is the best memories that will be cherish forever .


why suddenly i felt that im the shortest and the fattest! grrr

there are no kayla here. sorry sayang :(
but promise, you are one part of us!
*why im the one who didn't show the high 5?
cause im not a fan of super junior.


todays schedule:

early morning i search and seek for my barney :)

barney :) i love you.
his the one who accompany me so i can felt better
he kept me save from the coldness of night.
make sure i won't cry anymore
make sure i study hard for my exam
when i felt sleepy , i hug it tight and he makes me felt fresh 
barney complete mylfie :)
hahaha, i know some of you peeps hate barney.
but for me. his my life, my soul
im barney number 1 fan :)

i love you, you love me, we are happy family, with a great big heart and a kiss from me to you.
won't you say you love me to.

p/s: i can't stop blogging :)

back on the table fatin. start revising back :)
have a great days reader, thanks for dropping by.
love, fatin

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