Sunday, March 28, 2010

the story starts like this...

there are two things i want to write for tonight blog.
first: about Malacca moment
2nd: bout you, bout us. regarding that you read my blog. i just want to post it for our 3 weeks breakup
and it suppose to me 8 month relationship if we were together :(

to simplifying the day.


we reach Malacca about 10.00p.m 
and we had our dinner at the restaurant.
together with dear saida :)
thanks dear for being there with me. i don't know what is my condition if im alone.

more story for second day.
we woke up at 6.30 to answer our subuh prayer. i slept with mak, mama, ayah,adik
but saida was left alone in the master bedroom.
sorry sayang :(
but she's fine with it.
so, that morning i drove saida around the village before joining my mum went to the 'pasar minggu'
we didn't bought anything cause the purpose of bringing saida out is to help her felt better with my family.
so we just walk around and around and around

to many cholesterol. ayah said :) 

GUESS WHAT, saida's phone drop!
so sorry bout the phone sayang. i really do.

so we went home wishing that mom gave me permission to drive the car to uitm and kmm
and i change my scarft :)

and guess what. I GET MY GREEN CARD TO DRIFT WITH THE CAR. i mean drive :)
so a loooooooooooooooog journey we have just to arrive kmm. 
it take us about one hour.
but actually we had took the wrong road. BRAVO FATIN.

im driving the car :) and saida beside me :)

so, after picking up goro (saida's bf). * something happen between me with the security guard. wish not to tell 
then to tina's place. we drove out to get some food.
owh gosh, i miss tina so much, i really do!


P/S: she's getting fat :)

we talk about my ex, his bf, my life, her life, my study, her study etc 
and guess what, i cry :(

so at the end, we make our decision to go back to uitm the send goro back to kmm cause my mom called.
we are late cause my family plans to go back to jb early today
 so last snap before going back home with tina :)


two of my best girl :)

last but not least, sada and goro moment :)
saida salim, making you happy makes mine to.
please take care of my sada k goro. please, don't make her cry, don't ever make her sad
cause i know how hurt to be treat badly by the person we love the most. :(


u, this picture really reminds me of you when we suppose to have time together.
* i cry when i edit this picture. i really miss you.

i wish you could hear and already gone song by kelly clarkson 

i cry, i broke down. 
cause i really don't believe that it's over
you promise, not to leave me.
but now, you leave me breathless, without giving second chance to prove that i really love you.
like you said, you were never given a chance to be love again.
so, i thought i deserve to be treated like this.
at first i can't except. i beg, cause i love you even tough you not.
but now, my priority is me. my feelings my thought.
but i have no strength to fight your hate toward me.
cause i love you so much
and i really do from the bottom of my heart.
pretends that everything fine, but deep inside it's hurt so much.
i saw others relationship that built strong and some broke down because of faking love.
people survive, why not me?
like i said i love you
we broke up for about 3 weeks.
but still i can fell the hurt just like yesterday you let me go.
i cry in the bath tub. i cry. and i know, nothing can stop it unless it's you
7 month 7 days is a long relationship. and i though to forget you takes 7 month 7 days to,
regarding that today suppose to be our 8th anniversary actually hurts me the most.
i was planning to sang you im your's song. tonight, strike 11.57 p.m. that i learn how to play guitar from one of my friends.just few notes. dear, i stop doing my tutor just to learn the note.
but it's oke. even tough it's not worth it. at least i know that i still have the guts to tell you this.
but everything fall apart. and i wish to sang it for you one day. one day, or may be not. 
i was planning to bring you meet my folks on our holiday later :)
but it wont happen now.
my haiqal was so excited the most when i say i wish to bring you meeting him.
he said he really looking forward to meet you.
all of my family do. even bibik haiqal :)
so it came to the end.
you, i hold your barney like 24 hours. cause that the only thing that can make everything felt better.
when i felt i miss you so much, i close my eyes, hug it tight, and remember our moment.
makes me felt so near to you. and i can fell you heart beating and your breath
i told ayah you gave it. and he said
*akk, if it's make you better, hold it tight.cause you will always remember him sayang :)
i was crying so hard when ayah said like that yesterday
i think that is for today. i don't think that you will read it. cause it's so long.
but if you do,
i swear i wrote it from the most bottom of my small tiny heart.
wishing you a great life, a great future and a great heart for giving me chance to fall in love with you.
and it's so beautiful.
missing you calling me wonderful name. pampered me with your warm loving love. and hold me tight to make sure everything fine.
sorry, but i really need to do this. cause it was suppose to be wonderful and nice.
but it end with a hard, hurt and full of torture for me.

p/s: :,(
 is there any hope left for us?
if im willing to wait, will you come back?
even it takes a million years, i will never forget you. cause ily :(

kak ainur once said to me something. i try akk, i really try. but sometimes i broke down. and no matter what, i will try to stand up back. i promise. i really do.

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