Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3 month anni :)

i just cant has been 3 month our relationship is. :)
how im proud of myself cause i felt his my true soul mate.
oh god, i live him. make our relationship everlasting please.
i swear i love him. please make him mine forever.

i love you sayang.i love you so much.not a single second i never think of cheating you .

now is sem break. i have another one week to spend in jb. i haven't hang out. cause you know my parents. they are kinda parent that sucks i think. never let her daughter that now reaching 18 to hangout. i wish my parent change. :(

20th nov!! my upcoming birthday!!!! oh god, please make thus the best birthday ever. :) know, im surrounded by friends.true friends. let me have fun with them :)

blablablablabla, i actually don't know what to now in the library.wifi-ing. gosh, im hungry. my stomach kicking me.grrrrrrrrrr.patient dear.hahahahahaha
gtg, the guy beside me freaking me out. he was like rushing. i think his a teacher, cause his marking sort of exam paper for secondary student maybe?? i haven't turn my face to look at him. cause it's scaring me.hahaha

with hungry full of love, fatin :)

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