Wednesday, September 30, 2009

its been a while

rinduuuuu nye kat blog. i miss blogging a lot. but my page sucks now. i know!!! cause the pictute are big.

there are a few thing i just want to write cause i have no time to blogging this few weeks :)

rayaaa!! it was fun!!! cause ive get to meet my boyfieee :)

we watch movie, we eat together inside his car,he drive me around. we do what couple suppose to do. he hug me warm enough to make me cry hard when his going back. :( but it was the best moment that i have. i love you sayang.


Raya,raya,raya!!!! i just say this year eid is boring cause exam is getting near. im not in the mood to be happy. myb after examanation will be the freedom that ive been waiting for :)

so, i want to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR BATIN to all my friends, blogger reader & all muslim & non muslim. please forgive me if i done wrong to you. 0 - 0 ok. for all matriculation student. good luck for ur pspm1 . dp your best :)

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