Tuesday, November 3, 2009


omgggggg,borinkkkk gle. i wish i was in kmns now. omg, did i just say kmns?? hahaha. it was hell back then. i mean when im there i miss jb, but when im in jb i miss there. errrrr, few things to mumbling about what im doing here in jb before im back to the prison of dome! . haha

yup, i miss him. goshhhhh i miss him. can we meet?? pleaseeeee. promise i will be a very gooooood girl :(


i done nothing for my sem break. gosh, i can't believe it. i even gone to city square. act that suppose to be the first place i go. its a tradition. hahaha. tomorrow fatin. patient :) saida, can't wait to date with you.muaxhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

erm, all i do is on-lining, eating, being the maid ( but i do not cook),library perhaps? damn, its boring.crazily bored. huhuhuhu. i want my life back.

i miss my babes
tina LEMAUUUU, rindu kat kau :(
dyra sayang, we've meet.but i still miss you
dean sayang, sis rindu
omg, theres a lot in the list.sumpah rindu :(

dude.errrrr,kinda miss to meet i think :)
azam sengal. hahahaha.
amirul afif myb? but i think meeting u is not a very good thing to do
syeddd :( rindu
abg iqbal & akmal. rindu buli deyorg :(

to much person to miss. i wish i can gathered them all,
meet them all together,
sing song together,
myb camping perhaps??
rindu korg:(

but him i miss the most :(
i miss you cyg.

counting the day :)

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Deanchumels said...

ohh my sis. i miss u too :'(
but tmrrw we will meet ok .
we enjoy smpai gle.gle ;D