Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sick fatin sick :)

quite shock knowing me been sent to hospital cause i got PEE IN MY BLOOD. HAHA yup. i dont know how to describe my feelings when the doctor said i got serious sickness that cause me to be warded for 2 days :(

oh god, i was crying hard on saida & akma shoulder.

akma & saida, thanks cause being there for me sayang. ily <3

my evening tea. that show me that i dont need to puasa!! :)

the doctor was so cute. haha. he was nice to me actually, very nice. i can't see his face cause he was wearing mask. hope to see him again. actually there are 5 doctor cheacking me the whole to days im in the hospital but he was the 2nd nicest doctor. there was this one doctor. a women. she was so nice to me, & shes preety to. * can i bee a doctor? haha. nope. i hate poking people.

tq doctor faez & all other doctor. you guys were so nice to me :) espeacially the nurses to. cheers :)

he is the one who poke my hand :(

damn its hurting me :(

everytime the doctor want to test my blood they gonna poke my hand.

i always cry , beg that nurse. :(

it is unforgetable moment for me :) its fun act seeing your blood in action. haha :D

look at me, i look like a ghost :)

horrible right?

2 days 5 pain of water :( its hurting me

last day im in hospital :)

family that visit me

sayang, im wearing your sweater :) i miss you. ( ur sweater are huge :D )

SAKITTTTTTT :( blood,blood,blood


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