Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So calm yet still confused

I've been doing fine. If anybody ever think about asking spiritually. But things are calm. Yet still so confused. I was prepare for this. Being responsible long time ago. But knowing that it's not me figuring out what is adult life feels like. It's me. Physically me working my ass out to start living. I keep seeing people who had graduated telling peoples study life was more fun. And here i am, wishing that i have the money in the world, supportive parents, all the time to re-design my life. Like movies or rich kids stories. Where you can choose having a life rather than force to create a life that you don't have hearts to. What do i want? Just like peoples saw in movies. I wanna travel. Meet new peoples. Crossing lots of things in my bucket list. Further my studies overseas. Travel and travel again. And this, meet the love of my life. Or maybe we bring this to the front. Do all of these with the love of my life. Cheesy huh? I'm kinda liddat. It's not a crime to dream. maybe dreams that makes you alive. Hoping for miracles and never stop praying is what heals your heart. Maybe knowing that i still believe in hopes and miracles calm me down. manage to wake me up every morning and let me done with my life at the office and went to bed everyday. But the confusing and waiting part about my ability to eventually pursue my dreams and change the path of my life confused me. 

You can think you know. But don't over-think

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