Wednesday, August 27, 2014

At some point

Where at some point in life you wish you can have choices in life. Choices that can change everything, that can make things better, that can eventually turn things around for a while. 

And at some point you wish that for so long you being heartless, you wish that you have feelings. That how deep you buried inside something, It'll will outgrown you one day.

At some point you just need to hug someone, cry in front of them, cry till you fall asleep in someone's hug that for years now you can keep telling people that you are okay, and you cry yourself so hard all by yourself and be okay every time it hits you. 

At some point, you miss some part of your life that you wish you can remake that moment. 

At some point you wish that being in loved and to be loved is so easy. 

At some point , like right now. I wish and pray lots of things to happen to me. Good things. Things that can make me believe that i can be happy. Like on top of the world happy. But i believe and i have to force myself to believe. Good things takes lots of time. 

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