Saturday, July 5, 2014

I'm home. For good.

Like yeah, basically i just barely have time to be all being rajin and everything. I managed to unpacked my stuff like 98%. Left just my cloths and tudungs in the box. It's either i need to re-organise my wardrobe or buy a new drawer or something. But i don't think a new drawer will fit in my room. Enough with the two beds that make my room already packed and everything. If and only if somehow i can convince mum to let me buy new furniture for my room and throw out her antique and old wardrobe and bed. There are boxes that are filled with mum's old stuff and some school books stuck in my room. When i told mum to throw it, she was like 'i need all of them after ibu pencen' -_- I was like, 'for what lahhhh' I swear to you 40% space in my room are actually not my stuff. it consist of grandma's, mum's stuff and some old books and documents of hers.

And i'm home, for good. Like currently sending off resumes for work, being such a lazy ass wake up so late everyday, make plans like wanna go jogging and swimming and wanna start to learn how to cook or baked but i'll end up sitting on my bed doing nothing. Do the laundry but haven't touch the vacuum yet. That kind of 'i'm really home for good' kind of activities'.My top priorities is to learn how to cook and look for jobs. We can cut out jobs from my daily routine for a while, wen't for and interview at my old place and eventually i think i got the job. Like in a week or two i'll be employed. But then, i wanna try my luck in other place. Was so comfortable doing audit works, not sure if i'm capable on doing others like accounts. Can't really believe that i'm now blogging about works. I'm an adult. true adult that soon going to start pay my own cars, responsible on taking care of mum and dad. Lighten their burden and everything. Was looking forward for this moment for a very long time btw. I even planned to bring them for vacation this year with my own salary. Can't remember when was the last time we spent some time together. Really. 

On the other hand, about the cooking. Neh, give it time. Hahaha. 
I can't wait to make plans with them sweethearts. I miss my friends so much. 

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