Wednesday, June 11, 2014



Lately, i've been making this gesture or more like a sound like 'awhhhh' or 'nawhhhh' when i watch love stories or even a short scene that i think is romantic and adorable. Especially with cute guys in it. The photo above is from a scene from the movie Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. I print screen for the sake of this blog.It was actually my favorite part of the movie. Where the dialog was 'hold my hands you muppet'. I've been watching this scene on repeat for few days now.

So how was it? to be love again? I see love come and go. People fight over it. People crave for it. People did nothing about it. Because i think, lots of love movies out there eventually came out with a happy ending kind of stories. And that is what i like most about it. Movies, where you know it will end. How about life? Seeing peoples be in love. fight because of love. It's like its nature. Where you can and cannot control it at the same time. Where you can be happy, sad, excited, mad all at once. Where when it's beautiful, you just wish that it will stay. And when it's in horror, you wish to just scream it all away. Loves makes life better and worst. I saw both. Experience both? Everyday i guess. 

I'm not sure why am i writing this. But i guess it just hit me. I saw some peoples that i care change. Better and worst. Falling in love and out to. It kept me think. And this is confusing. I should stop.

during the upper scene, they played this song. LOVED IT.

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