Thursday, March 6, 2014

Read and write

I've been playing tumblr and visit random blogs to read peoples feeling. Yup, i made it in a right sentence. Some blogs just hit me right in the face. Because i just can't construct a proper writing. Sort of like what i feel doesn't seem to be the same than what i trying to write. And reading helps me a lot. It's like the internet is motivating me this past few days!

I'm content with this empty feelings. You know when you are in a room full of peoples, running here and there to catch studies datelines *just glad it will come to and end. You feel belong. But you still feel empty. You were talking and smiling, but at the end you know it will not last forever. Cause you can't chain peoples to yourself and ask them to be there and entertain you every second. You can't wake up and expect peoples to greet you and ask do you have a nice sleep last night. I know it's sort of a routine. But i can see the differences that is happening to me. *matang much* haha

But don't you just wish that one day, things will be different? No hustling stuff to fast. Where one day you have the money and time, you just grab someone or do something different? Where just for one day you don't have to feel that pain. Where you can make someone feel so happy and that time you are not sacrificing yourself for it. 

I know it's impossible. Things are going to be okay. Writing it out made it feel much more better.

*okay lapar, nak cari maggi* 

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Teeha Mohd said...

you have me right? nanti dinner date yee :)