Sunday, March 16, 2014


As far as i know, finishing degree was not as easy as i thought. Might be easier compared to my first year of my study. But this one came slow and hardcore. But i know, this will end sooner than i thought. For god sake, it's almost week 5th by this Monday. And by that, left me like 9 more weeks to go. Readings, presentations, reports, discussions and other stuff related to studies are pilling up. My magazine productions stuff are crawling my back. 

I'm back with my terrible sleeping hours. Woke up early but i kept sleeping back few times in a day. I'm not saying here that life is tough right now for me. Like seriously, i'm getting used to this. This is like a good kind of pressure and stress for me. But i'm not sure am i enjoying this or i'm getting used to this. I wanna enjoy my final months of being a student. And i'm not sure yet how my future is going to look like. Will i have the chance to further my study? or maybe this is the last chance i can feel being a student. I might just enjoy being a workaholic. Try to cut down some stuff from my bucket list. I'm not sure yet. But i guess i'm still okay for now. 

I'll be writing here more often maybe. 

It's 2 a.m in the morning. If you're not the one by Daniel Bedingfield are on repeat. And i'm craving for dip and dip so bad. And i was suppose to finish preparing for my presentation slide by Sunday. 

Till then. 

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