Sunday, January 5, 2014

You gave me hatred, i gave you a smile. The sincere one.

Because people won't change that easily, 
Because not all people going to like you,
Because not all people is your friend,
Because not all people can accept that one single mistake that you've done,
Because they can just easily decide being friend with you is just a mistake,
Because they can just judge you being too nice and don't fit well being with them,
Because they think 'yaaa, i decide to be nice to you just because i just have too'

But then. 

They might have their own reason doing all those things, 
Maybe, behind those happiness , they're hiding some sadness that no one even knows or cares,
They're hiding this hatred feelings,
They're hurting because of they got treat badly by someone they love, 
Sometimes, the only chance that they can be happy are when they are close with the peoples who can accept them when they become themselves, when no one is judging, the one that they can really trust,
They treat people bad not because they want to, they just can't. It's like eating. You can force something that you don't like to eat down your throat, but you will vomit it back when your system can't accept it. 

23 this year, this is normal and have become such routine in life. 
same craps, different years, different peoples. 
you won't tricked me again. 

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