Thursday, November 22, 2012

I choose to be happy because i deserve it

I might have the biggest smile you've seen. *Plus the pipi yang menggelembung tu :3 But i hide thousand of pains that not even a single person on this earth can really felt the pain that i have. Same goes to the people there outside all over the globe. Someone might think heartbreaks is just a small thing. But do you know that heartbreaks can make people decide to kill themselves? Someone might think having stress with study is just normal for every student. But do you know when students are too stress out they have the thought to commit suicide. Not me lahh, i tend to cry and curl myself up then i fall to sleep. Because i know, the next morning, i;m going to do the same thing again and again till i eventually graduat. That doesn't stop there you know. How bout peoples that have jobs? Peoples that have their own family? People with debts and financial problems? Worst right? 

How you can actually make the worst things as something good? 

Stop thinking that everything is a burden to you. We our self choose how to treat things that was throw at us. Either you let people and those problem push you around? Or you face it. I was never have the heart to say no to anyone. I believe a lot in the word 'sacrifice' sacrifice you heart for someone you love, sacrifice your happiness for someone you care, sacrifice you true feelings so others can happy, willing to sacrifice your laughter and exchange for someone tears and the feelings nagging goes on and on and on. Some people might think 'this is stupid' But trust me, there are person like this out there. A lot. They willing to put their guard down for others. I was once stupid. And always going to be one. But the past teach me a lot of lesson in life. That includes happiness is not that easy to get, and heartache is like nothing to me anymore. People gave up. People get tired of heartache. People just don't care anymore about love. Love is actually something beautiful. But once we lost faith in love, it's just not easy to gain it back. 

Sometime when you over think, it may cause serious damage. The problem was never there at first, and there you are thinking what you've done wrong. Girls normally love to over think something. #fact. haha. People like to create their own world in mind. And they expect it to really happen in real life. If you're lucky enough, you'll be happy with the less effort you put. But how about the people that work so hard to be happy but at the end, they get themselves hurt so much again and again and again. And acts like a normal person on the next day so that they can survive in living.

You don't need all the crap just to feel. You know that there are still a lot of people cares about you. You friends, family, even strangers. They might not make you feel like you're on the top of the world. You don't really need all the attention. All you need is just to be strong and survive. Knowing that you're not going to be alone helps a lot! Don't look at what you don't have get in life. Look into what you already have in life and star appreciate it. :')


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