Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Still not giving up

It's hard to pretend to be okay, but the truth are still hurt and bleeds. It's hard to be fine, but the truth are, even how hard you tried to hide every drop of tears away, eventually when you smile outside, you are crying so hard inside. 

It has been weeks now since the 1 August tragedy. Where i felt my future blank after receiving my last semester result. I feel suck, i feel like the worst teenagers in the world, i feel like i'm so stupid, i feel like i disappointed my family and friends. Nothing at that time was important anymore to me. Sooner or later, i know, it has been done. It's over. Over as if it's the new starting. For me to start a new page in life. I've lost my word. The ability to blur out my words. So read this. 

Betul kan ape die cakap? Every word is true :')
I have 3 semester left to fix my pointer to make it beautiful when i go on stage and receive my degree scroll. Just saying that i'm not giving up. 

I maybe not a big fan of badminton, but i assure that i have the spirit to watch him play for Olympic. Rasa nk tercabut jantung wa cakap sama lu tgk die main. He end up bringing back silver for Malaysia. And his the one who make Malaysia pop up into the Olympic list. He tweet 'i'm sorry' because he failed to bring back gold for us. I know how he feels. The disappointment and all. But still, i'm proud of him, all of Malaysian are so proud of him. He knows that deep inside his heart, he had done his best. Those tears are not tears of losing. It's the tears of winning. Because he just won our Malaysian hearts.

he taught  me to be stronger, to never give up. Because there are people out there that still care for us, and still want to see us happy. The people that don't want to see us give up and loose hope. People that call themselves friends :')

Hyee! Rindu nak blog something fun and exciting! All i ever nag about was my feelings and college stuff, hanging out time and all. I know it's kinda bored. But being a student with the barriers on money and time issues, it's hard for me to at least have my own vacation and tell you guys about it. I have plans, and dreams. To go out there, learn about other peoples life, places, FOOD! But for now, all that matter are my studies, relationship with my friends and family. Time flies so fast. Ramadhan dah nk habis, Syawal dah nak tiba, tak rasa nak raya sbb busy dengan short sem. then one week holiday, poof, 3rd year semester starts. One word, stress. I just might have brain damage because of these overload study thing in my head -.-"


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