Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Dapat berita paling sedih dalam hidup on the first day of August. I thought August will brighten my day. July was kinda hard. So hard that i can’t barely breath. The truth, i only can feel better when i’m alone, or i’m with my friends. July was the toughest month i can said right now. Hope that this Ramadhan on August will be much better month for me to be in serenade. Not eager to meet Syawal. But alhamdullilah i’ve been given the life to be on this earth. My life sucks. Sucks that i cried over it like for one night flashing over things that had happen and not even one thing that makes me wanna smile, even smirks. Not going to regret what had happen. I know it’s my false. With my wrong doing in life. I deserve to be punish. To be taught this way. Allah is trying to tell me to not give up. Because i know how many sins that a umat had done in life, if the person seek forgiveness and regret, Allah will always forgive them. There are no such thing as torture in Islam. It’s called tests. Be strong. :’)

thanks for all the concern dear friends. don't worry, i'm not going to give up easily. InsyaALLAH


saidah salim said...

Tabahkan dirimu ye syg, Jgn pernah putus harapan dan tanamkan azam baru. luv u !

fatinlullaby said...

love you too sayang :')

fatinlullaby said...
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