Friday, July 6, 2012

I keep imagine my life would be just like theirs.

The first series that i ever watch was How i meet your mother. I thought that was it. Then i start watching Gossip Girls. I stopped watching every time i finished watching all of the episode that i have inside my laptop. The habit that i will do after it is i will watch them again and again if i don't have anything else to watch inside my laptop. And now, new addiction. GLEE! 

Sorry for being so lame, yahhh, i just started watching glee like last month. Like other series that i watch, i'm addicted to them. Can't stop myself from watching immediately after watching the first episode. 
When i non stop watching every episode, it's was like i'm lost inside those movie. The urge of wanting to have life just like them. hahaha. I know i do sound stupid, but believe me, you guys do feel the same right? :D 

I'm just bored and i spend more time sitting in front of my computer than sleeping. Short semester just start like a week. The pressure haven't knock me yet. Those time will come. I even stare at my keyboard just to think before i write. Too clueless to write anything actually -.-"


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