Monday, July 2, 2012

Ekh, dah nak ramadhan :')

*lambai-lambai kat June. 
I can tell you that June was very cruel to me. Physically, mentally, emotionally, the whole package of life -.-" Especially the last day of June. Allah je tahu sakit dia. As a student, a friend and also a daughter. What's life without pain right? I used to spill everything here. Almost everything. But last few days i saw this poster inside fb telling that we should not spill out everything how you feel to some strangers or in this case people who read you blog. 

Straight  to the point, kita ada agama, tak perlu nak tunjukkan kat orang kesedihan kite. Boleh, tapi jangan tunjuk yang kita ni lemah. Allah kan ada, dia bagi dugaan kat kita sebab die tahu kita mampu nak hadapinya :')
*kesat air mata, hembus hingus. 

hye, saya kuat makan. ni first time makan burger bakar. Dan ianya sangat best. the highest point in my life in June.

Let it stays in the past. Don't regret with what had happened. It's already been done. Nothing you can fix. Nothing i can fix. I try so hard to stand, with all the cuts and bruises.  all my best buddy are lending me their shoulder to cry on, their ears to listen to my sadness, and arms to be hug with love. And that, i have the faith to be strong for myself especially for my family. Nothing, i said nothing either than death, can tear us apart. 


Dengan hati yang terbuka, the excitement that I've been waiting for, bulan puasa akan jatuh pada bulan Julai! This year i will be in UKM for the whole month of Ramadhan. :') Tapi Alhamdullilah, sempat lagi jumpa awk kan Ramadhan.

Always pray for the best okay people. :)


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