Monday, June 4, 2012

#No Idea What I Just Write

Because i'm so sure that i have my own perception towards other peoples life. I have question on life, for myself.
What am i going to be in future, Will i be a successful person, Will i drive my dream car, Do i have the money to actually go travel far away from home, beautiful and peaceful places where nothing can make me hurt, Will i actually have a good life in future? 

Some of my friend actually closed their blogs because they don't really have anything to write and share. My dear, i'm having the same thing right now. Life is no fun to share. When i start to read those famous blogger life, i can say that they really live to the fullest. Going around the world, travel here and there, go shopping and all/ And the coolest part is, THEY ARE STILL STUDYING. T.T We can figure our self about the family background and all. Seeing how they mingle around with awesome people, i envy them. How wonderful their life are. *kaching kaching

Back to reality
Being at home on the examination week is not helping me to actually really focus on my study. I need like 4 days to finish one chapter :O Do you see how i used my time at home? Not cool! I have another 4 semester to fix my pointer. Not proud of mine right now. The suffer is just started. And hell yeay can't wait for it to end. Continue with the short semester for 2 month. Ramadhan is coming around the corner. DAH NAK RAYAAAAAAAAAAA * kaching kaching. Nahhh, you can see that i'm nagging to myself. Out of word and ideas. Maybe if this blog is still exists in few years, i will be writing a post about how great my vacation was when i'm in overseas? *dreaming much. pfft. All i ever want is adventure. Where i have to trigger my adrenaline so high , i have to scream till i cry. Like i have thousands in my hand and i go shop till i broke? gahh :O *feeling like cursing myself for writing this bullshit out from my head. -.-"

Back in the cave of horror to actually kill myself drowning in notes and examination this Saturday. First paper on Monday. *suddenly feeling so hungry. 

bye then :)

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