Saturday, June 2, 2012

Current activities

Just posting a random fast drive through post. Too lazy to actually right a normal post. Too busy doing nothing actually. Spending my free time sleeping and Vampire Diaries marathon. Wassup people. Here's some stuff i wish to update with you guys. Nothing fun and important. Just letting my self walking on track with stuff that's happening on me :)

The victory of ICAF'12. Taste so sweet! The best moment ever! highest peak for this semester. Those hardship, sacrifice, heartache, sarcasm. Worth every sweat :')
To make it clear, we won for the overall competition. Champion! 

People talk, let them. Throw those hatred away. It's not making us any better if we fight. We won guys, that's all matter. We didn't do this for our self, we did this for everyone. For our own college. So be proud, every each of you, for what you guys had sacrifice. Time, energy, pain. We all know the bad and good about all of this thing. We fight for good. Not the bad side. We didn't make anyone ashame because of our behavior. We want people to be proud of us. I know some people does. They appreciate us. If you have those hatred on us, don't show it. You must know , not everyone like what we do in life. We all, our self was once a bad person. Everyone knows that. We all make mistake. We all did become a part of the dark side. Don't judge us based from that kind of perception. People move on. Sooner or later, every each one of us will. InsyaALLAH.

I've promise myself. This will be my last thou

Lecture week had come to it's end. Left me another two assignment and a month of study plus exam week. This's killing me. The extreme timeline of a student life. The pain is not going to end after i finish my exam. One week to actually relax and BOOM! come the short semester. :O This is not a funny joke people. Eventually, bulan puasa tahun ni i'm stuck in UKM. LIFE, Y U NO FUN, Y U NO ADVENTURE. That will be like a month for now. Nothing to be worried about. Let focus on how suck life is. But i'm still thankful how fine is it to still have life. 

i try to put on my best smile. But sometime, i don't think is good enough. How hard i fake it, the truth are still there.

 never stop thinking of you. seems like memories can't fade away. I'm not letting it go. That is what i have left of you. of us. Still remember how hard i beg you to gave me your sweater and everyday i would called you on the phone and tell you it doesn't smell you anymore. :') -imy, always-


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congratez! :)

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Thank you :)

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