Friday, February 10, 2012

My 3 weeks holidays had come to zee end

This semester holiday i can say was the same than usual semester holiday. Those hangout with family and friends, spending the whole day being a fat lazy teenagers, being an unpaid employee at home, being a 'forever-alone-teenagers' and go drive all by myself do some stupid shopping, sitting at Mc Donalds. Did i mention being a fat lazy teenagers. I do feel fat sitting at home. That means more food less physical activities -.-"

But hey, sooner or later time will move on. And my time being zee fat lazy teenagers sooner will finish. I can't believe those 3 weeks holiday finally come to the end. Do you have those moment when your at home, you feel like being back in Universities is ways awesome? and if you were in Universities you feel like you badly want to go home? Student usually have those moment. But this time of holiday, i don't feel like that. Maybe 40 % of me wanting to be back in UKM. But home feel pretty nice to me actually. having the car all by myself the whole holiday. Me back and forth going back to Singapore. Especially those free food that i can get at home. The best part of it, the kitchen is like open 24/7 for me. :D *not good. not good at all btw

p/s : sape berani tegur ckp aku mengembang naik sem ni, aku pancung kepala die. *seriously

Zee best friend :)

We meet like twice a year. Every semester holiday. Like seriously, kan bahagia kalau dapat satu universiti dgn kau :'( She is the best best friend that i will never ask more than anything. Cukup dan lengkaplah hidup aku sebagai seorang insan. Thank you Allah for giving me this greatest give of all. The best friendship in the whole wide world. She's like this quiet person and she's a very good listener. The best i can say. No words can describe how glad i am to have her in my life. :') 

She's the best sister ever :')
see you in 5 month syg

So theres go my 3 weeks holiday. Heading back to KL tomorrow *Saturday. 
And seriously, the only thing that bothering my head right now is my exam result for my 3rd semester.  
No failed, please no failed :(

Good day everyone. 


SyAfaWaNi ♥‿♥ said...

how grateful u r babe...=)
friendship ends forever!

fatinlullaby said...

alhamdullilah :')