Friday, January 13, 2012

What is Meroyan?

I've started my exam week for like a week now. 3 paper done. Another 3 is on their way. For now, what can i say about this weeks is 'NOT AWESOME. NOT AWESOME AS IF THE SICKEST WEEKS OF MY LIFE' . I thought the more paper I've sited, the better i will feel. Semalam lepas paper costing, keluar dewan, rasa macam gelap masa depan. As if when my mum ask 'okay paper' i just respond 'ma, dah boleh kawen'. Seriously, i was hoping that the paper would be much nicer because i have this mindset about the other paper that i will sit eventually going to me very hard on me. Cannot brain this lahhhh *bak kata lily.
And again, may i advise you that if you were thinking on taking accounting in UKM, fikirlah dua tiga kali. 

So what is 'meroyan' actually? 

To make it clear, meroyan is a malay word. And if i translate it to English, let say the meaning will be 'unstable emotion'. But meroyan sounds much annoying don't you think? So semenjak dua menjak ni, almost all of my friends having this syndrome, or is it sickness, or it's sort of an attitude? 

exam = meroyan
meroyan = we show faces, emotion, action that people might have the thought 'aku ada buat salah ke dgn dia' 

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. sekarang ni musim meroyan. 

and how you can cope with this? Just know that the people that's having the 'meroyan' moment, they're just not in a good mood. Very not good. Eventually, sooner or later, they will be okay. And you don't have anything to do with it. As long as you didn't make them more piss off than they are now. contoh mcm orang tu tgh mengamuk sbb kene hujan, lepas tu kau g amik air satu baldi siram kat dia. Sort of like that. 

Semalam lepas meroyan, kami berpartayyyy bersama. 

Another 2 years. Ni baru tahun pertama jadi pelajar accounting. Bnyk lagi benda tak rasa, bnyk lagi sakit tu belum datang. Bertahanlah wahai hati. :)

i need to go now. I have tones of notes need to be memorize before sitting for my law paper this morning. Buhbye. 

p/s: maxim delegates non postest delegrae - is this really a law term? why i feel like i just studied Spanish?

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