Monday, January 23, 2012

Hold on if you think it's worth it.

Leaving you with just a tittle of the blog. It takes me like hours for me to think what am i going to write in here. Things are not right up there in my brain. A lot of things hit me. good one and bad one. 3 weeks of holiday and i feel like a doll sitting at one place just hoping that anyone just drag me on doing something for myself. Say me lazy, but actually i'm just bored to death. But still, i'm having a good feeling lately. Bbq with lovely cousins, unstoppable shopping. Sales just not going to help me save my money for me buying my new camera. And i have this tingle feelings that a new viva is becoming the new family member. No hopes but crossing ma fingers. Going to be the awesome year ever.

2012 will not be as bad as 2011. Having a good feelings about it. :)

in life, you may choose one, either you choose to always let yourself drag into being miserable about other people happiness, or just walk though the life with strong heart and high faith that a lot things and obstacle awaits you. 
You mold yourself what you are going to be. Not others. 

so don"t worry, the dragon only eats oranges :D 

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