Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finally. Exams over. Hello holidays

It was my last paper for today. No touching any books for 3 weeks. Not even dare to take a glance any books right now. Study mood off, holiday mood partially on. Why partially you ask? I don't think that my result going to be okay for this semester. Can we just skip the part that i suck answering almost majority of my exam paper? 

ekh, nak dgr cerita lawak tak? Seriously, if you're a UKM student. you will laugh at this. Fyi, i will be mentioning the UKM TNCHEPA'S name. To make it clear, TNCHEPA means 'timbalan naib canselor hal ehwal pelajar' 

I post a status about the FRS paper. About how frustrated i am studying it. I post this :

'Ingat dah nak last paper rasa seronok. Lagi tak stabil mood. Rasa mcm nak terjun bangunan pown ada. -.-"'

Suddenly, there's an inbox for in in fb. And you can guess who inbox me -.-" TNCHEPA UKM. He send me that message. Dari kepala aku tension study frs pukul 3 pagi sorang2, terus hilang tau :D 
Orang terpenting UKM kot inbox care pasal aku. Sape tak terharu. It's one of the funniest memories i will be bringing along in my life as a UKM student :')

Like seriously, no mood for holiday. Everyday i will be haunted by the feelings of scared to death about my incoming result. I think accounting was meant for me since i was in school. Bape tahun kot sentuh akaun ni. Mmg tak minat, but there's no choice when i was back in school. Either you choose to be a science student or an accounting student. I guess it's kind of my parents decision. If only after school i get to continue my study in TESL or anything related to English, my life would be much better i guess. :') I did mention to my friend about changing courses. Taking English study maybe. Tapi fikir balik, parents nak approve ke? from business field to language field? I don't think so. I don't know. I need time to settle down with the new 4 years studying environment. InsyaALLAH, susah sekarang, masa depan aku cerah kot. Mana ada belajar senang sekarang. Semua susah. Everything involve money will be difficult. Susah sekarang, who knows 5 years from now i will be a successful accountant. Or any jobs that relate to it. Asalkan aku kerja, dapat gaji, boleh beli kereta, bila kuar dgn family, they don't need to pay anything. Just a single smile from their face seeing me success in life is enough. 

Life give this long pause that let me think critically. Girls like me maybe thinks a lot. Have a wild imaginations about life. Who doesn't? 

SO hell-o holidays. 
3 weeks of holiday huh? I sucks in planning holidays. And lastly i end up waking around 11 a.m, laying on my big bed, being so lazy like cat. Only get up to scavenging for food and watch tv. When the clock strike 4 i will be the 'anak perempuan paling rajin dalam dunia' . Start doing all the house work. Woshhhh, mcm flash. Pukul 5 dah ada balik depan tv. Like a boss. Rumah dah clean, laundry dah settle. 
That's the plan. If only my friends decide to hang out. Then i will go out. 

But I've decided to spend my 3 weeks holiday in Singapore with grandma. No phone, no facebook. Just sweet smell of grandma cooking, and unlimited visit by the awesome cousin and friends, not to forget the wonderful time spending at the beach and anywhere around Singapore * yg tau jalan je lah. 

owh, just wanna tell you that i have this one mission :
next sem, i want people to said this to me immediately they saw me 
hahahaha. Nekad habis dah ni nak try susutkan badan masa duduk rumah. I'll try, no promises :D

So happy holiday peeps. Used them wisely. Enjoy and have fun. Because you know what, things will be hard on you for next semester. And also the upcoming semester after that. muahahahaha. 



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