Monday, January 9, 2012

Exam starts today already? *garu-garu kepala

After almost 2 week of study week Wait, make mine one week. Because the first week of study week, i was back at home having some 'early holiday' if you know what i mean. 

i might said that i'm freaking afraid of study week. But actually, Exam week scares me the most. I'm not a person that have this high confident about myself on doing something. When i was in first year, i break down into pieces because my result is kinda like not what i expected compared to how i study every day for the exam. It's frustrated you know. But still, life goes on. There like hundreds more exam that all of us student need to sit before graduate. And fyi, i think exam is not a good system for us student. Comparing us with grades? Nowadays of you want to own a good job, yahh, people will see where did you study, and what degree that you take, but the most important things are, can you communicate well with people? Being in the real world is not about how genius your brain are, is like how you react with the people. The real people in the real business you know. I rate myself around 65% on soft skills and another 40% on brain. I'm not that clever compare to all my friends out there. But when i start to talk and crunching ideas, i can do that. 
But who cares about my opinion, even the prime minister don't even know me -.-" I'm living my life in Malaysia, nak tak nak kene jugak ikut sistem pendidikan deyorang. Just wish that one day, this freaking exam system dibubarkan. Focus on their soft skills and stuff will ya. 

especially to all UKM Accounting Student! 

Semoga berjaya, Semoga diberi ketenangan hati ketika menjawab soalan dalam kertas, Semoga diberi petunjuk ketika menjawab, Semoga dilapangkan dada.
Don't forget to pray to ALLAH and hope that he give us the strength to face all the examination papers and achieve good result for it :)



storyfromme said...

hey dear, good luck for your exam :)

fatinlullaby said...

Tq kakak :)