Friday, December 16, 2011

You're just not worth the fight anymore.

I know the feelings that we have it's nothing. I'm hurt. And your happy with the people your in love with. The happiness that i feel when i'm with you it's just temporary. I already know that since the first day i fall in love deeply with you. It's a big mistake. Big one that i wish somehow i wish that i can go back in the past and erase back the memories of the first time i fall for you. I thought it will be much easier, but eventually things are not happening just like what we've plan. Plans just failed. Heart just broke. And nothing i can do to stop everything that is happening. All i can say is;

Meeting you and loving you was a big mistake in my life for now. I wish i can cut the memories of us being together in my brain and put it inside a box.

 Nangis air mata darah sekali pun tak guna. Menyayangi kau adalah satu penyakit. Kau adalah ubatnya. Time will heals. But this sickness is already reach to it's critical level. I don't know what will happen at me in the future. Either i end up being a zombie. I'm still human. But heartless. Painless. *kebal. Or i can let it go, cry for like month, and eventually get better. Fall a lot of time again and again for the same reason, but sooner or later i will get better. I hate when my life starts to get up side down. Because i'm not wise in making decision.

What's wrong with her? can't you just hurt me and get over me. 
Because you're giving me heartache a long the way of loving her. 

just so you know, i'm not that type of girl that easily give up on something. I guess our feelings is just limit inside the fairy tales of ours.

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