Monday, December 12, 2011

Say What?!

If you're going to continue your study in UKM. Think again. 
I thought after paying Almost RM1500 for fees is enough. Not arguing anymore about the raising.
Suddenly out of nowhere, another RM 170 that need to pay before i can actually register my next semester class? -.-" This is f-ing shiting on me. 

I don't actually mind paying it, especially it's for education. But please, what did you guys really did with the money?


say what? untuk aktiviti Kolej? 
Peruntukan untuk projek kolej pon sikit dapat. Kalau mintak mesti dapat lagi rendah dari apa yang dimintak.
Sorang dah bayar 170. Satu kolej dah beratus student. Mana pergi duit kitaorang? 

nak tak nak memang kene bayar lah. Kalau tak bayar memang tak belajar lah nampaknya. 
What can i do, i'm just a small leave on a big strong tree. Tak ada kuasa.

ibu,ayah. I'll make sure every penny that you pay for my education will be worth it in future :')

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