Sunday, December 11, 2011

I know no one miss me :D

So hello my dear lovers out there. I know it's been a while i haven't updated my blog as i used to update before. Nak kata busy pon ye, nak kata free pon ye. Maybe the answer is i never used my free time wisely. all i ever do in my room is sleep. And when i eventually have free time i still love too lay around on my bed doing nothing. My assignment are like mount Everest. Then i nag about how hard the assignment was. But actually i didn't actually understand what i need to do -.-" I wish i can just googled the answer as btw i did. But it's not that easy you know. I thought life would be easier if we take it slowly or relax. But life was never to be meant that way. Life is hard. I will usually said that 'i wish life should be more easier' but eventually nothing in this world is easy. Trust me, if you're on top of the world right now, don't feel comfortable. One day you will fall hard. By then you will start to realize that all small thing in life is actually important. 

wakes up,  go to class, have lunch, sleep, meetings, assignment, sleep
and i'm doing it over and over again for the past 14 years of my life. Until when?

I'm copping myself with some few situation. Personal to be exact. It's great to see people get back together after a big fight, after a small breakups, just anything that relate to relationship. I envy toward the people who actually found their another half. I never figure out why i can make myself loose about it. Sometimes i know i take things to seriously until they feel not comfortable around me. It's just me you know. My natural. I wish i can be mad towards people who just can't except me for who i am, but they have the right to judge other peoples life because they have ears and eyes. Not to forget, heart. Let them talk, let them say whatever they want to say. I don't give a hell about it anymore. I'm a forgiver. 

Dengan kata lain, dah penat nak fikir, dah redha
Kalau ada, adalah. Tak ada nak buat takpe.

One month before final. I just can't wait to finish all for this semester and start fresh for another one.
Sumpah tak boleh bayankan keadaan diri untuk sem depan. -.-"

Sincerity in friendship

Aku tak mintak simpati mahupun belas kasihan,
Aku tak mintak kebahagiaan mahupun kegembiraan,
Aku tak mintak kau mahukan aku, tapi terimalah apa yang ada padaku,

Aku bukan manusia sempurna, Aku mempunyai sikap yang mungkin engkau tidak gemar,
Jika engkau tidak sedar, mungkin engkau perlu tahu yang engkau ada kelemahan seperti ku,
Tapi mungkin kau sedang berada dipuncak, masih tidak pernah rasa apa yang aku rasa,
Mungkin aku salah. Tapi mungkin aku penat,
Bagilah ruang untuk diterima. 
Bukan susah, aku cuma mahukan kejujuran. 

In this world, i just believe that the only way you can survive is just faking that everything is okay. 
But the reality is, everything just suck. 

thanks for being there for me through ups and down :')

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