Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just one night.

It was fast. just a blink of an eye. you were there in front of me. Smiling, laughing, fighting which each other, holding hands, everything was perfect. But deep inside my heart, i already know that this is just a temporary feelings. All i ever imagine what will happen when we met actually happens. One by one the word slip out from our mouth. Every conversation , every gesture, every single thought that run inside my head physically and mentally just flowing. I mean, we were there for each other.  I think that's enough. Me, you, the night, the ride. :')

If only i can sit beside you much longer, 
If only we can actually be there for each other much longer,
If only the tears that you see really hit you hard,
If only those smile is mine forever,
If only i can have you all by myself,
If only i can be your last choice in life, 
If only.......

I want things to fall apart perfectly for us. If we don't end up together, i want to be happy for you and with whoever you are with. But still, I told you, i still want us to happen. We just afraid of commitment. Life taught us a lot right syg? I don't have a single image of us being together in future, Because the girl that i imagine will be with you for the rest of your life are pretty, beautiful, solehah, you know, some girl that really deserve to be called a wife. When i look at myself, it's like i'm not even close.

I look myself as a toy. and it hurtful. Just like i said to you before i board the bus.
Sakit you, sakit. 

Life is like a game. You play it, either you win it or loose. Don't be too proud of yourself if you win. There's more level to go that will be tougher. And if you loose, don't give up. There's always the reset button. 
(Fatin Nadiah,2011)

Happy birthday, ily :')

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