Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Thanks for being a part of my life for years. I never thought that on your birthday was our last conversation that we will ever had. I hold on for you for so long. Too long. I let my heart break again and again just to stay with you. Because i guess, when i never stop fighting for you, you will come back for me. I was wrong. 

Sorry 'Heart' for hurting you,
Sorry 'Eyes' for letting you cry so hard,
Sorry 'Brain' For keeping think that the guy is worth fighting. 

I know everything that had happen is all my false. I admit it. You were being nice. You were pity at me. You were being a great friend. And i take it the wrong way. 
Maybe because i love you too much. But i guess, when the last time i said to you as a joke :

we do really done with each other now.

Ya Allah, kau berikanlah die kebahagiaan dunia akhirat,
kau pertemukanlah dia dengan seseorang yang membolehkan dia bahagia didunia dan diakhirat.
I just want him to be happy. Please show him the right path :')

watch me, i will be okay.you know it right? 

thanks mum and dad. For still excepting me in your life. 
thank you friends for being there for me .

You've move on a long time ago. Now it's my turn. :')
2012 is coming. One think that i'm assure of. Your not going to make in my list anymore.

Kesilapan memberi kita pengajaran. Life must go on. I'm a big girl now. If life hit me hard, i will not run. I'll face it.

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