Thursday, November 24, 2011


Maybe the way i treated him is the same way you've treated me now, 
Maybe my feelings for him, just like your feelings for me,
Maybe i don't want to loose him and i want him to still be there for me is what how you want me to be there for you,
Maybe the reason that i told  him about me not agree with commitment is the same reason you gave to me,
I've texted you yesterday that i miss you before going to bed, surprisingly, he texted me today saying that he miss me,
Maybe this feeling that i'm having is just the same that he have right now.
The feeling of ignoring that i have towards him is how you feel towards me.

I know maybe some people that's actually reading this doesn't understand what's i'm talking about. But inside above heart note, there's 3 person in it.

I guess we're in a circle. getting hurt and hurting other people. at some point, one of us need to end this.

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Nazrul Izzat said...

*one of us...ko lupe itu 'e'