Monday, October 31, 2011

Wakey Wakey Sleepy Head

I'm having my mid semester exam starting tomorrow. Ilmu dalam otak untuk exam next week are around 2% je 
-.-" matilah matilah matilah matilah matilah matilah.

I just realize one day all i need in life is something good to actually make me feel better about myself. Kira mcm pendorong semangat lah. I have one i guess, but i just don't see it. To tell the truth, i feel a bit better about myself than before. I mean, i have actually the heart to sit on the table and think about studying. Sikap pemalas ni dah makin menebal, tina dah marah dah hari tu. -.-" sorry babe. Maybe because after a long holiday in Singapore i realize all i need is a time out. Away from all this heartache. I need explanation. and eventually i get the explanation i want. I teach my self to actually control my emotion. and i did. I guess. I don't know, i neglected my feelings just to make myself feel satisfied. I get hurt and it feel good. I don't know, making mistake is something fun i guess. I just hate control everything in my life. All i want to do is get loose with stuff. Let my self fall hard. Heartache is good. It teach me something. Even tough i make the same mistakes, i just think it had made me who i am today. And i'm learning. Not much i guess, but nahh, what is life if we make it a not fun to be in. 

I just want to be fine with myself. If my heart is not in a stable condition, i wish i can just go to sleep, and once i wake up, everything is going to be just fine again :) i wish

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