Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Heyho people. How are you? :) i hope you guys are okay. With life and all?

just so you know, I'm horribly sick. Sick as if i haven't eat a single rice for 3 days, every time i try to eat i end up vomit. My stomach is killing me, my head spins like a tornado, i fall 3 times at my dorm stairs, when i sneeze, blood coming out from my nose. Yup, went to the doctor yesterday and she gave me the usual fever medicine. Panadol, cough syrup, antibiotic , etc . My body temperature is 37.8 *according to the doctor of course. nahhh, I'm sick. And i really need my healthy body to sit for my mid term exam. pfft -.-"

I'm going back home today. To say it's a holiday? sort of. I'm shooting of to Singapore tomorrow to visit my step aunt. Or cousin. I don't know. The relationship is quite complicated to explain. Done with packing, laundry , and i have clean myself up :') freaking hungry. But wth, i just can't wait to be at home right now. I know home is not actually the place i'm looking forward to be right now because i'm having my mid in few weeks. I guess, i'm too stressed out with life, and i need a vacation. To make it perfect, a vacation with my family. 

Actually, there's a lot of things i wish to spill it out, but i'm not feeling well, can i continue when i reach home later? :)

 Bbye UKM, Hello JB , Hello Singapore.