Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

tiup-tiup habuk kat blog sikit. #fuhh fuhhh

If you asking me how am i doing. to actually tell the truth is, i'm not okay. but i always want to be okay. Even the situation around me is like killing me. But what the hell. I rather not let the feeling of sickness control me. People said, if you set your mind positive, you will feel much better. How worst your situation is, time will heal those pain and those sick stuff controlling your head will not literally eat your brain slowly. 

So hye people, how are you and your life? i guess maybe some of you are not having a good days like mine huh? #high five. I've been busy settling stuff around me. Or we can call jobs. Or maybe duty sounds better. I've been neglecting few jobs to focus on this one event. Hari raya musical theater. It' sort of a competition. Sorry to the redaksi crew, sniper crew, and also i'm really sorry mr books and mrs notes. The worst part is, when i come into my room, i feel like it's not even a room anymore. Just imagine that -.-"

there's a lot of story i wish to share with you people and also ask advise or anything. even support will be nice :') I will start to share more stuff sooner or later, and wish the time just move a bit slower so i can catch up with you guys back. life are still a hectic place for me to be in. Trying to fit in around with people around me. Take care of my own heart more than before. Staying strong with what is happening at me. And eventually have fun and enjoying things that is coming towards me, or maybe me myself search for that happiness. Enjoy life more than just pushing my heart around with stuff that's not going to make my head feel good. 

Tears doesn't show people that we are weak or scared, sometimes, tears show that we are actually strong enough to stand on our own feet and uphold our justice. 

insyaAllah :) 


ila said...

wish u luck 4 da competition

fatinlullaby said...

thanks :) and we won. anugerah pilihan juri. alhamdullilah