Thursday, September 22, 2011

4.55 a.m

It was fun. 3 of us sit together and share story about each other life. And there you are, making those funny face, being annoying and hilarious.

i just wish it last forever. watching you go away, back to your room is reality, and i guess in the morning, you will never remember what we did last night. Those conversation maybe a small thing to you, but it's something for me. Every time we spend time together is something precious and memorable.

p/s: you send me a text around 5.59 a.m. it touched my heart :')

good night. till me talk again, sooner or later. 
will we?


yatty ismail said...

lalalallaaa...sapekah sapekah??hehe

fatinlullaby said...

diammmmmm. haha