Monday, September 12, 2011

Hope it last forever

Done with the class schedule. I guess i'm to over reacted with the situation back there. I'm being so hectic just to be in the same class with my course mate. 
p/s: hope jadual ni kekal lah 

if you're in the mood of tension. listen to this song and shake your body, follow the beat while scheduling you class timetable.

if only i can change my heart, stop loving him and start sacrificing my heart to fall in love with you.
and actually repeat the same mistake that i used to do on my last relationship. Take a risk for something not sure in the future. maybe i end up being crush again. NO, i promise to myself that i won't be , not even close to being a heart broken girl. It's fucking pain.

need rest. my class starts at 10 tomorrow. night :)

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