Friday, September 2, 2011

Family Portrait

It has been a while after the last family portrait me and my family had one. it's kind of 3 or 4 years back then. Mum like this raya ritual where we all must go to this old photo shop to take our picture on our first day of raya together. Then she will hung the picture on the wall. At our old house, there this one section of wall lays our family portrait form when i was a little baby until i'm in form 3 i guess. i don't remember. but i know we stop taking this family portrait at some point. This year, mum want to take a new family portrait and hang it on the wall at our new house :) awesome. my first family portrait wearing selendang  and me being much older and more mature. HAHA. i think so :)

ni tangkap sendiri. tak awesome. jap lagi nak amik gamba kat kedai :)

Have fun on you 4th day of Syawal 

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