Friday, September 2, 2011


Don't you ever have the this feeling when you really want that person so badly, they were never there for you.  But there's other people care about those pain and heartache. That could willing to text you like 24/7 and calls you every minute just to make sure that you are okay. But still, inside your mind, you feel so alone and you want to cry like a baby on your bed, holding you phone, searching number that you might think can make you feel better. In you phone book, there are like hundred numbers but not even a single number you can really pour out the story to. Even the closest family member is just in the next room is not the person that you can really hold on and trust. and all you can think of is the person who hurts you and at that moment you think that they are the right person right now. p/s: no, you are wrong

I'm feeling it right now. and it sucks. I just finish cooking a big pot of mac and cheese for myself. it's kind a dry but wth. I need something to stuff in my mouth right now. 

don't ever do this. it's not good for your health and mind at all

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